The ideal connection!

RIMA makes screws for a wide range of products.

Some of our customers are in the automotive or gas industries. But we produce for a lot more industries…

To comply with your request, we listen to your wishes and produce your unique screw with the highest attention.

The RIMA production capacity is easily 100 million screws per year. By a simple increase of production shifts, mentioned capacity can easily be increased. We have short and reliable delivery times.

Apart from “customised screws and fasteners” RIMA has an extended assortment of standard articles on stock, which can be supplied directly.


The various distinct stages in the manufacturing of a screw- the striking of the mould, the rolling of the thread, the hardening of the material, the specific corrossion treatment specifications , the sorting and checking is carried out with crucial awareness and responsibility.

Technical checks and tests throughout the entire production process are very extensive and accurate.They guarantee RIMA and the customer the quarantee that the produced screw meets all specified conditions and can be applied as a reliable part in long lasting joints and connections.

All specification are carefully documented in a drawing , which is approved by the customer and all production and quality checks are performed based on this drawing.