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In addition to the production of screws RIMA started in 2005 to import screws and other fasteners from the Far East. Through these activities RIMA is able to offer a more complete and price competitive program. The trading activities profit fully from the specific knowledge and experience obtained in the organization during more than 20 years of screw production. RIMA is capable to offer a full range of fasteners solutions supported by drawings and technical back-up.

It takes long delivery times from articles to arrive from the Far East. To cope with this disadvantage RIMA will act as a stock keeper for a chosen article and will deliver from local stock. A forecast of the need of a certain product will very much help in taking the right quantities on stock. KanBan deliveries belong to the many possibilities of RIMA, as well as electronically billing and invoicing.

By sourcing products in the Far East RIMA is capable to offer products that are not within the production range of RIMA, either by size or by nature of the product.

Suppliers from the Far East are carefully selected and audited by RIMA. All products are ordered against a detailed technical specification including exact drawings. The first delivery always includes the receiving and testing of representative production samples and only after acceptation of all quality parameters the final delivery will be realized.

The range of products is nearly endless: screws in all sizes ,bolds and nuts, rivet nuts, welding nuts, staples and many more.

RIMA understand that screws/fasteners should simply be there ! No doubt; a screw/fastener is an important item in a production process, however a manufacturer should not have to put valuable time in it. The product should simply be there and perform. RIMA will gladly take responsibility in realizing a smooth fasteners situation.