The ideal connection!

Quality objective:


A final assembly is only as good as it weakest part. RIMA insist that every screw,even produced in smaller quantities which leaves the premisses is simply perfect. Reliability is one of the most important criteria in doing business.

This is why the checks and inspections are so elaborate and extensive. The standard of in-house supervision is significantly higher than that specified by even the most strict European directives. This means that RIMA has achieved a major leap forward with the developements and production of their products linked to their specific customers demands.This is, among other, confirmed by ISO 9001 certification.

Another significant principle in the RIMA philosophy is the concept that effective thinking in harmony with the customer can only make sense if every member of the staff has acquired the necessary technical level of knowledge. Thus, being capable of familarisation without any restrictions with materials which are constantly being updated and redefined. This is why RIMA establishes regular training and coaching programmes as part of its general business policy.This to keep personal knowledge of material, production and machinery in line with the latest developements; achieved in programmes which demand considerably more from the participants than standard training measures. At the end the RIMA high standards were raised to their specific level by RIMA itself.

Quality objective:


Working with valuable and long-lasting material within controlled and structured production processes is a serious challenge.The end product is always the result of thorough preparation and regular consultation between the Design and Production Departments. Both the scope and the performance of every single order are precisely described, carefully monitored and recorded in the various stages of production.

The various distinct stages in the manufacturing of a screw- the striking of the mould, the rolling of the thread, the hardening of the material, the sorting and checking is carried out with all crucial awareness and responsibility.Technical checks and tests thtoughout the entire production process are very extensive and accurate.They provide both RIMA and the customer the quarantee that the produced screw meets all specified conditions and can be applied as a reliable part in long lasting joints and connections.

The scope of production ranges from screws in diameter from 2x3 mm to diameters 8 x 50 mm with a capacity of several million screws per week. A screw or fastener would just be a 'normal product' without the extra fundamental consideration at RIMA of combining innovation and technical knowledge. An essential part of this philosophy is the constant striving for renewal within the development and production process of high quality screws/fasteners and a individual professional engagement in the optimisation of the applications concerned.